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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Important Keyword and Court Languages For High Court Practice And Examination

High Court Languages: Court Etiquette Language and Some Important Question and Answer, Part -1

Not Press-

The Ordinary Meaning Of the word "Not Press" means Pushing force upon. But in law it means not to proceed further in the case.

Stand Over-

"Stand Over" means let the case be stand at the present stage.At the time of hearing of the case before the higher court if it is found that due to short of some important papers or information. It is not possible to clear up the petitioner's case before the hon'ble court, then the learned lawyer may verbally pray for keeping the case at it's present stage for some time. Then the learned lawyer may technically pray for 'stand over' the case.

Pass Over-

The dictionary meaning of the word pass over is to "Over look". But in case of conducting cases it means to over look the item for the time being and let the next item or items be taken for hearing. Generally, if the learned conducting lawyer is not in a position to participate in the hearing of the item for the time being, he or anybody on his behalf may pray for pass over the item for short period.

To Be Continued...Part-2
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