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Monday, May 13, 2013

English Literature / Grammar- Some Important Words Relating To Court Practice And Essential in Everyday Life

English Literature/Grammar

In English Language and Of course in English Literature, We Must Have Some Anxiety to Build a
meaningful word. Sometimes we didn't find the appropriate word to use in between our sentence making. So, Here I am Giving The One-Word Substitution along with it's Bengali meaning as well as it's Explanatory Easy English Meaning. Go, Grab It!

One-Word Substitution    Part -1

Explanatory  Expression

One-Word Substitution

To Give Up Throne Or Any Office
Abdicate (cwiZ¨vM Kiv )
The Original Inhabitants of Australia
Aborigines (A‡óªjxq Avw`evmx)
Medical Termination of Pregnancy Miscarriage
Abortion (Mf©cvZ)
To Hasten The Progress Or Increase The Speed
Accelerate(MwZ evov‡bv)

To Be Continued......Part -2
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