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Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Write a Deed Of Continuation?

Dear Viewers, now i will show you some technical know how, you will really find immense pleasure as you were with me from the beginning.

How To Write a Deed Of Continuation Especially in Contract

Deed of Continuation

THIS DEED made on the 24 day of February, 2009 BETWEEN M/S A.K. KHAN JUTE MILLS LIMITED (Weaving Unit), Represented by its Managing Director Mr. Abul Kasem Shamsuddin Khan, S/O-Late Abul Kasem Khan (A.K. Khan), Project at-North Kattali, P.O. Feroz Shah Colony, P.S. Pahartali, District-Chittagong, hereinafter called "The Mortgagor Company" and Sonali Bank Ltd, a Banking Company incorporated under the Bangladesh Bank Nationalization order 1972 with Head Office in Dhaka and Corporate Branch Office at K.C. Dey Road, P.S. Kotwali, District- Chittagong, hereinafter called the "Bank Mortgagee" WITNESSES that in consideration of the renewal of Cash Credit Hypo Loan Limit of Tk. 3,25,00,000/-(the receipt of which sum the Mortgagors hereby acknowledge) the Mortgagor Company HEREBY AGREE with the mortgagee that all the powers given by the Mortgagor Company to the Mortgagee by virtue of the Regd. General Irrecoverable Power of Attorney No. 1247, Dated 06.01.1998, No. 24, Dated 06.01.1998, No. 1613, Dated 13.10.1998 & No. 1337, Dated 27.06.2004 (hereinafter called the Principal Deeds), Registered Mortgage Deed No. 1853, Dated 27.12.1995, No. 23 Dated 06.01.1998, No. 1614, Dated 13.10.1998 & No. 1336, Dated 27.6.2004, followed by Affidavit No. 8577, Dated 14.10.1998, shall continue to remain valid and in full force for the present renewed amount of Tk. 3,25,00,000/-.
          AND that all the provisions of Principal Deeds, Registered Mortgage Deeds as well as Affidavit, shall apply as if the sums hereby sanctioned vide, Corporate Branch Office Sanction Letter No. SB/KCDR/CTG/ADV/CC/125 dated 25.01.2009 had been originally concerned by the Principal Deeds, Registered Mortgage Deeds followed by affidavit as stated above.
IN WITNESSES WHEREOF, We the Mortgagors have set out hands and seal on the 24 day of February, 2009.  

                                                                           SIGNATURE OF THE MORTGAGOR
                                                                                              WITH SEAL
Drafted by :
Witnesses :
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